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Nothing says Happy Birthday like never being able to guess that ET came out in 1982

Nothing says Happy Birthday like an illustrator who has clearly never seen an actual VCR

Re-found old birthday cards my mum inexplicably made sure to bring when she moved over here. Image flood with "witty" captions incoming.

What did the builder say when she lost her plumb line? 

If you haven't been on the birdsite lately, just know that they're arguing to the death about fucking Thundercats, so that's all you need to know.

Waiting for Charlotte’s choir concert to start and I’m so bored. Another 20 minutes to go.

But I have enough social graces to not play Master of Eternity in a middle school auditorium, despite a strong desire to level my Pixies.

FWIW it was when he did that My Little Pony/Bioshock video. Clearly it was a love of My Little Pony more than of him.

Boost if u can't hear Fred Wesley & The JB's Blow Your Head start up without expecting Chuck D coming in with WEEEELLLLL..

Look, I don't have many regrets, but I just saw a five year-old old tweet of mine that started with "I love Ken Levine so much right now" and deleted that shit so hard I broke my mouse.

Just blew my own mind after realizing years later that the octagon butt shingles aren't even fucking octagonal.

It's apparently my 9th anniversary on the birdsite. In honor of that depressing fact, I'm going to toot my five favorite things I ever posted there.

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