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I really don't want to go in to work and do inventory tonight.

New Streets of Rage? Great! No evidence of 90s ravey soundtrack? Not so great.

Because I posted my Blender frustration here instead of my other account I forgot to follow-up - I'm pretty sure my crashing was caused by one of the two UV addons I've been using and will test later today.

This toot also serves as a reminder to follow me @coolpowers if you're more interested in Nerd Stuff.

At the same conference, I was talking to a woman who was enthusiastically describing her company's tech. I asked, "are you a founder, developer?" She was a founder.

Always assume people are experts, even if they don't "look like" your conception of an expert.

You'll either be right, or if you're wrong, it'll still be a respectful assumption. And it'll probably be a relief to people constantly needing to justify why they belong in a space.

Blender is crashing regularly on this scene and it's really fucking up my flow.

Class/income plays a distinct role, of course. When you're poor, the mere possibility of ever owning a Thing doesn't even enter your head, except for those fleeting moments when you allow yourself to dream.

When you're comfortable, you buy the Recommended Thing.

When you're rich, you just buy the one you want.

It's when I'm on that boundary that I struggle to justify things, endlessly researching lest I fall back into the first category, and wishing I was in the second.

My life now is wanting to buy a Thing, researching all possible varieties of Thing, finally deciding on one Thing, then doing a last check of user reviews and finding a bunch of quality complaints from the last couple of months and holding off, thus "suffering" from continued lack of Thing in my life.

The robovoice on this bus just excitedly exclaimed “Hardee’s!”

(That’s Carl’s Jr. to those of you on the other side of the bizarre, amorphous Brand Designation Line)

One of our very favorite pastimes at Towers is playing Pixelocity Software's Disc Drivin' 2, and this week they released an update with in-game chat and launched the game on Android with full cross-platform play: by @Boardumb

We don't need no
We don't need no
toot control

Laying awake at night, thinking big thoughts like

Do they still sell naked lady pens in British seaside towns?

I spent well over an hour browsing shitty mascot costumes on AliExpress last night, my daughter begging me to stop.

While it's definitely harder to follow the local TL now, it's still worth doing so and discovering new people, like @trioptimum currently live-tooting an interesting academic conference on Japanese games.

I mean, it's only wasted because I couldn't fucking do it.

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