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I'm like Cap'n Crunch but it's more like "Oops! All IPAs" and I think it's time for bed.

ALSO x4 (3? I lost count) my kid had a meltdown because her project wasn't showing up in RenPy
for some random reason and I'm just like "welcome to gamedev, kid"

ALSO ALSO ALSO I really don't feel like going in to work overnight tomorrow to set my stupid apple mod.

ALSO ALSO I've been playing Destiny 2 since it's free for PS+ and it's just making me salivate for Borderlands 3. If they drop splitscreen I'll just die. Literally die.

ALSO I bought koshihikari rice and omg. I don't think I can have any other variety again.

ps I bought the Spidder game. It's "a fun romp".

I'm at just the right state of drunkeness where I'd start texting lady friends.

My daughter just told me a teacher at her school calls pancakes “daddycakes” and I’m trying to process this.

@AzureFemme my hot take is that people give twitter the company too much credit for ruining twitter and not enough credit to the people on it, many of whom will be coming here if they’re not already.

Also I'm seeing "screencap dunk" culture coming over already and seriously can we not

I really don't want to go in to work and do inventory tonight.

New Streets of Rage? Great! No evidence of 90s ravey soundtrack? Not so great.

Because I posted my Blender frustration here instead of my other account I forgot to follow-up - I'm pretty sure my crashing was caused by one of the two UV addons I've been using and will test later today.

This toot also serves as a reminder to follow me @coolpowers if you're more interested in Nerd Stuff.

At the same conference, I was talking to a woman who was enthusiastically describing her company's tech. I asked, "are you a founder, developer?" She was a founder.

Always assume people are experts, even if they don't "look like" your conception of an expert.

You'll either be right, or if you're wrong, it'll still be a respectful assumption. And it'll probably be a relief to people constantly needing to justify why they belong in a space.

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