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"READ ANOTHER BOOK!" I cry as I ruin yet another 9 year old's Harry Potter birthday party

I switched to the Toot! client and just got my first notification. Scared the shit out of me.

reminder that KK Slider is canonically so against making bells off his songs he not only bootlegs his own music to annoy his record label, but 100% of his profits go to "the kids" what kids? "all of them, man."

Give us a rerelease of Tron 2.0 in HD, you cowards.

Apologies if you've just watched me boost and unboost one of my dumb toots, testing something.

Last night’s activity. The TW stands for “Trigger Warning: Most of the guys lose at least some of their clothing, launching a thousand more ships”

What is it about Wednesdays that makes the internet just go fucking bonkers?

I dunno.. maybe I'm just too cheap? But 50 bucks for ONE MADE-IN-CHINA-PLASTIC-AND-CARDBOARD SHELF seems excessive?!

"It’s 11-3/4" deep instead of the regular 8" or 10" you find at stores."

Bitch I'd be happy to find these "regular" shelves at stores.

Unless you're looking for tiny decorative shelves with a depth of like, 3 inches or something.

Why is it basically impossible to buy wall shelves anymore?

So Oculus is going all-in on untethered VR, huh? RIP PCVR? Waiting for specs..

All I'll say on the matter is that I'm really glad I didn't find out about this before we happened to watch an episode of Super Mario Bros Super Show last night where Koopa is turning Toads into rocks and we kept pausing it to laugh at the expressions.

omg I just read that Baffler gamesasartwankwankwank piece. Honestly not sure whether I'm angry or amused or saddened.

PSA: If you're an instance admin and your duties aren't just.. administrating your instance, and instead extend to whipping up tribalism about your instance being the cool one, whining about being silenced, or perhaps even setting up a wiki wherein you detail "instance drama" and call-out individuals by name, then you're either a douchebag or just really, really stupid.

But the memes, man. The memes.

@caraellison once someone told me he read half my book and then I played him in tournament, beat him, and suggested he finish it

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