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Nintendo: Here, some cardboard. It's $69


Nintendo: It comes out on 4/20

*choking sound intensifies*

I just made a Recipe Featuring Your Favorite Brands™️ because I saw it Advertised on TV and thought "ooh that looks nice" and man, this is a long way from my "LEEDS? LSD & 2 Es" shirt days.

A collection of risque images in the Amiga's Hold-And-Modify format:

Steamy HAMs

I bought UltraEdit in 2001. I wonder if my key still works with version.. 24? holy shit.

Strong urge for the Vive Pro despite my not strapping on my Vive for.. months, probably.

Tax time! TurboTax says the federal forms aren't ready for e-filing but the state ones are, TaxAct (which I usually use) says the opposite. And they give different numbers.

This is gonna be a fun one.

As of right this very moment I'm available for hire and looking for work! C++, Rust, Scala, Python. Tools and services dev. Would appreciate any boosts as well. :D

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Anyone in Japan want to bring me home the latest issue of Sho-Comi for this amazing freebie?

So like.. do they time the Humble Monthly to drop just after the Steam sales ends now, or what?

Oh nice, two of the things I was thinking of grabbing in the PS sale (Bloodborne and Gravity Rush 2) actually last until 1/9 so.. yay.

Though I really would rather have physical copies.

Well poo, I wish I'd remembered I was able to redeem Sony Rewards points *before* finding out they can take 5 days for PS Store codes to "ship".

Sale ends tomorrow :|

Mum and I are catching up with our Sailor Moon Crystal watching and I'm so glad they dumped the pretty bad CG transformation sequences for season 3.

Us American wage slaves are like.. It's January, where's my W2?

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