It'd be nice to get a Pine64 product that wasn't just poor :(

For the public record - if I die overnight where I live is in such a mess because I’m half-way through cleaning everything.

Recipe: Add 1 clove of garlic;
Me: "Huh. Funny way of spelling bulb"

Ah, the 'to fix' list. As long as the 'to do' list. And just as ignored.

My website: "There were 17802 failed login attempts since the last successful login." :-o

Tried to summon my home delivery groceries by putting something in the oven, but it didn't work. Just recording the data point for future me.

Fuck Amazon and their dictating where I can read my eBooks. Wankers.

Also, I have authors I want to support who are misguidedly Amazon-exclusive - does anyone have a way to strip DRM out of KFX/.azw books?

And of course, since the update it doesn't recognise computers when plugged in to add new books. Marvelous.

I noticed my eReader update itself the other day. "Thought I would've turned that off, why does an eReader need to update?" I think to myself.

Just made a little ‘Seinfeld’ bass noise as I entered a room like it was a scene change and it made me happy, so that’s my new thing.

I can't _see_ how this Gemini server works. Absolute magic. 400 lines of code that I broadly understand but can;t work it out. Witchcraft.

All the economic and health benefits of making my own bread are somewhat negated by the fact it’s so tasty I eat a third of the loaf in one go.

Where can you find the motivation to complete menial, pointless tasks? Asking for me.

My long-serving Apple Mouse has died. So of course I've gone off at a tangent and am looking at new keyboards.

"That's a nice-looking ergonomic split keyboard, maybe I'll get that one."
$365, so nope.

Capitalism is a con/joke, part 7230123864... Last month, paid off two outstanding credit balances. This month's credit score, goes down: -56

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