Owncast looks like a welcome alternative to Twitch, Facebook Live, etc: owncast.online/

Genuinely feel like a year is missing. Just said St Louis Blues were reigning NHL champs. Sorry, Tampa Bay.

I do live in one of the few nations that actually exports water too, so it's not imperative that I ration or anything.

According to the internets, the average person uses 80 gallons of water a day. In English that's 363 litres. I use less than 70 litres. Which is kinda a source of pride, but also a worry - do I smell? :-D

You know there's that person who has a classic car, only it's in several bits around their garage? That's my website.

Just had my first promo email with 'spooktacular' in the title. Can only imagine how bad it is for Americans right now.

Does that new HMG Nokia phone feature Snake and Facebook? Could I “beat [my] score in Snake”?
They only mentioned it 257 times in their press release so I’m not 100% sure…

Today is poking around the LastFM API day. Which I'm guessing is going to be fun.

Mostly stopped using Trello because to get in I now have to log in twice. But on the second ask I just close the window.

Oh, 8tracks was resurrected in April. Just FYI.

OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration 1.0 - this has fried my brain for today. Zzzz.

Everything technological I own is breaking or getting lost at the same time. Today, my Android test phone is missing.

The stylus for my graphics table has given up after nearly 20 years. Can anyone recommend good modern ones?

AbeBooks: You recent bought book 8 in this series. Can we interest you in the following: [book 1] [book 2] [book 3] etc... :-D

Trialing switch from LibreOffice to ONLYOFFICE (better MS compatibility). Saved a 12kb file as a PDF - 18.2MB! Saved it via macOS print->save as PDF and its just 1.8MB.

"I have to charge my pencil" is a sentence I never would have guessed I'd ever say.

I just did a LinkedIn Assessment for skills in PHP and either it was really easy or I actually have knowledge.

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