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Apparently Zoom straight up lied about conferences being E2E encrypted, and didn’t tell anyone that they were passing personally identifiable data to Facebook & Google for years.

They have just had their ass handed to them by the FTC, and members of a class action lawsuit will be receiving compensation. Also… maybe don’t use Zoom unless your employer makes you. 😬

I’m sure I’d reached a “it works just enough” moment and then moved on…

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Hmm. Posts that are replies to instances other than don’t thread properly. Because this is hacked together by someone who doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

@aral I don’t like .it in domain hacks, ‘it’ alone is too strong as a verb in English and it’s hard not to read ‘Nodek it’ (which sounds like a successor to the fax!). So I voted for opt.2 😁

There’s a burger on tv. 2kg. 4x the size of the biggest one I’ve ever managed.
“I can do that” I say aloud.


I'm currently in the market for a one-person tent, if we have any resident experts in the Fediverse?

(boosts appreciated!)

I'm 6'1" and looking to spend around £100 but can go slightly more for a particularly good one.

I cheekily wild camp in places I'm not really supposed to, so want one that will blend in a bit. Also, bonus points for it packing light and small.


Open source neural machine translation
"Open-source offline translation library written in Python"

Yes, there's also web version that you can use as an alternative to google translate.

Here's an instance for the web version:

Yes, you can also self-host this.
#freesoftware #opensource #floss

Judging by the ten days of ignored notifications on the phone, I’m guessing it was a general malaise…

Everyone in my nation is talking about the soccerball today. And I don’t feel particularly excited. Unsure whether it’s a general malaise, or if I’m inoculating myself against disappointment.

My last act of the week in work was to accidentally delete all of a colleague’s emails.
Happy Friday.

Still can’t decide whether to do serious Euro2020 fantasy team, or a hilarious one befitting the name ‘Farcelona’.

The oldest Millennials are now too old to play Twister. Source: me (the oldest Millenial)

Kobo Elipsa looks like the e-reader I wanted 17 years ago.

Good that nobody uses Tumblr anymore, amirite?

I still can't work out why the Tumblr API doesn't work when I've got everything right as far as I can tell. Sooo frustrating.

I’m fully aware my kettle breaking isn’t very high in the global bad news stakes, but still... crestfallen

Like my stupid website where all my posts about fixing stupid mistakes are supposed to live,

Soooo many half-finished things in my ‘Projects’ folder...

I’ve been making something like but someone’s come along and made that, so go there :)

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