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Just made a little ‘Seinfeld’ bass noise as I entered a room like it was a scene change and it made me happy, so that’s my new thing.

I can't _see_ how this Gemini server works. Absolute magic. 400 lines of code that I broadly understand but can;t work it out. Witchcraft.

All the economic and health benefits of making my own bread are somewhat negated by the fact it’s so tasty I eat a third of the loaf in one go.

Where can you find the motivation to complete menial, pointless tasks? Asking for me.

My long-serving Apple Mouse has died. So of course I've gone off at a tangent and am looking at new keyboards.

"That's a nice-looking ergonomic split keyboard, maybe I'll get that one."
$365, so nope.

Capitalism is a con/joke, part 7230123864... Last month, paid off two outstanding credit balances. This month's credit score, goes down: -56

Updated my PGP key thingybob. Revoked the one that I used with Keybase just in case.

Took 3 minutes to figure out yesterday's git problems. Fresh eyes ftw.

Me: "This'll take 5mins";
Terminal: "oh ho ho, you've forgotten how to use git you silly boy"

I got 20% of planned stuff done today, which beats the 0% from last week.

Just caught myself complaining about my 3rd covid vaccine and realised it is an actual ‘First World Problem’ and I should STFU

web0 manifesto

“…web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit.”

Sign your name and join me in starting the year as you mean to go on: without tolerating any bullshit.

Happy New Year! :)

#web0 #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Every time I try to delete unwanted conference crapware app ‘Kongress’ an additional icon appears on my homescreen. Lovely.

A GoDaddy domain back-order worked. 🎉
I reckon I paid for this 16 years ago.

Just had a quick look at my to-do list. Silly mistake.

My week with a Linux phone: No HDMI out. Update. HDMI fixed but no Wifi. Update. Wifi fixed but no Bluetooth. 🤣

This handheld computer is nearly as old as me but look how gorgeous it is:

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