Good artists procrastinate; great artists perendinate.

Overspecified Latin word of the day: perendinatio.

Thank you @Tyrron for the great idea.

To relieve pressure from Support on various instances, use and everyone that has the capabilities to can help.

In the process of getting help only tag support when the questions doesn't seem to find a solution.

Thank you in advance.

@copiesofcopies If someone hasn't done this by tomorrow evening I will make it so.

💡 idea: URL lengthener that expands links to fill out 500-character allowance

I meet with a Chinese grad student weekly for him to practice his English. We talk about politics, food, culture. It's fun. Today I sat down and he had a serious look on his face. "I need to ask you a question. My wife was invited to a . . . baby shower. She found out it's a party, but will there be . . . water?" Only after I explained did I remember the old 'terrifying if literal' twitter joke.

The @Support account is official, a couple dedicated people helping users with questions (I do not personally post from it though)

mastodon meta 

I wrote a small patch for Mastodon that got accepted yesterday. It lets you set up an email domain whitelist for your instance. For example, if your school wants to set up an instance just for students, they can do it by limiting signups to addresses at ``.

It's actually really awesome that Mastodon attracted a shitload of users who largely aren't aware that the underlying GNUSocial platform is old.

You know why?

Because it means we can do this over and over.

Every time someone releases a new implementation with different-looking chrome on top, it can go through its own marketing and media cycle and garner new users. *And the network effect will be cumulative.*

Mastodon's federation introduces UX challenges.

One that worries me a lot is about message forgery. Anyone can forge a twoot, even cross-server.

Whereas Twitter Inc might be trustworthy enough to not forge transcripts. Anyone can run a Mastodon server and might want to abuse it to influence people (see Russian troll campaigns).

Should Mastodon "home servers" cryptographically sign updates? Should there be end-to-end signatures? Anyone has thoughts on this?

This roundtable with four etnically Japanese actresses about the GitS movie is SO GOOD:

> The text at the beginning of the movie explained that Hanka Robotics is making a being that’s the best of human and the best of robotics. For some reason, the best stuff they make happens to be white.

> When white feminists don’t know what to say about race, they go for the feminist thing.

Consuming premium aged toots that entered their oaken casks three hours ago and are just now being poured over the tinkling ice cubes of my timeline.

the phone is ringing but ur not expecting a call 

oh no it's the girl from the ring ur gonna die

@anarschtroumpf …I don't think I am convinced that Seattle is more racist than my rural hometown just because Seattle has more people. That definition doesn't feel right to me.

*tense marketing meeting*
AD EXEC: so what's our Mastodon strategy?!
EMPLOYEE: um… "Federate your tastebuds with our toot-tastic new value menu"
EXEC: brilliant

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