Friends, @Gargron's going to have to scale up to support this crazy (and awesome) spike in new users. Let's pay the man:

(Also consider new instances, etc, but we all know's going to get most of the growth for the time being.)

@ultimape isn't each mastadon instance a GNU social instance? Or is mastadon a fork of some sort? I guess my question is, what is the distinction between mastadon and GNU social?

@ultimape from the patreon page, it seems like mastadon is a compatible reimplementation of GNU social in Ruby on Rails

@ultimape Even then, I'm kind of annoyed by it. See my TL for some details. Apparently there are also minor deviations from the standard, enough to cause the others to patch. That's a huge red flag for me.

@ultimape right, mastadon is the server and is a single instance.

@hermeslispegistus thanks for that. I'll check out the GNU social vid you posted (brand new to federated social networks in general)

@ultimape @munyari is blocked. I think they have almost no rules about conduct, but I don't want to say more than I know.

@munyari @ultimape Mastodon is a separate clean-slate project that uses the same server-to-server protocol as GNUSocial. So the servers can communicate, but they don't share code in any way.

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