@copiesofcopies I believe @Gargron said that the server was getting hammered a bit (due to me – sorry). Beauty of this is that those of us who can can run our own instances. So we should really see this instance as training wheels.

@aral @copiesofcopies @Gargron I'm inclined to think it's very important to make it easy for people who won't run their own instance - which obviously means encouraging monetary contributions...

@jimmytidey Priority: having a healthy ecosystem of hosts so we don’t end up with a centralised Twitter by any other name :) (And, of course, supporting @Gargron so he can keep working on it and maybe even build/run one of those hosts) + @copiesofcopies

@aral @Gargron @copiesofcopies My worry is that pushing the federated aspect too hard is offputting for non-technical users. When I investigated Diaspora my mind just melted at the complexity I had to grok before understanding its offer. Which, I think, contributed to its failure.

@jimmytidey @aral @copiesofcopies It's not that complicated and quite seamless. Just teach users that "full usernames" include the domain just like e-mail addresses, that's all.

@Gargron @jimmytidey @aral @copiesofcopies but can you search for users across domains? I think one thing that made Twitter effective was the ability to discover users talking about the things that you care about

@weems @jimmytidey @aral @copiesofcopies As long as your instance is aware of that user's existence, yes.

@Gargron @jimmytidey @aral @copiesofcopies what would happen to prevent a user from being aware of it, and what steps can Mastodon to mitigate that possibility?

@weems @jimmytidey @aral @copiesofcopies An instance is aware of any outside user that a user inside of it followed (or got followed by), or interacted with via mentions

@Gargron @weems @aral @copiesofcopies Is there a meaningful halfway house where you promise full searchability across, say, 10 instances with a defined process for adding more?

Be a little annoying to sign up, only to discover your instance is not aware of half the stuff that's happening else where.

@weems @Gargron @aral @copiesofcopies Being able to follow hashtags is what makes Twitter into a 'public sphere' or town square.

@jimmytidey Indeed – it’s a crucial part of the decentralised on-boarding process design – will no doubt be iterative. I’m going to go through it myself as the first chance we get, we’ll move our accounts over to self-hosted, feel the pain points, and hopefully try and contribute to the project :) +@Gargron @copiesofcopies

@aral @copiesofcopies I always think of Wikipedia, which achieves legitimacy and scale with being distributed by asking for donations. I do also agree that it's UX problems - more specifically an opportunity to explain what this offers that Twitter doesn't.

@copiesofcopies @aral Did you happen to double-press submit? I think with the server load that was really a one-off race condition

@Gargron @aral entirely possible -- my mouse sometimes double-clicks when I single-click.

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