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*meets a mastodon user irl* i-i like your spinal cord!

i feel like when everyone migrated they just started thinking homestuck was okay again.

@ my tootuals. step right up and collect your love

hey u wanna unlock mastodon special features in 3 easy steps ?
frist, dm me ur mom's credit card-

I'm surrounded by people with horns and grey skin. where am i. what year is it.

stonerphobia. cant reclaim if you dont smoke the wacky tobaccy

just got called a stupid poo head on roblox yall :(

this is what it would look like if we were all in a room together

I'm what happens when a child isn't exposed to luigi from an early age

why would u engage a political conversation here.. why would u do that... between all the coochie juice and the broken bones...

since this is tum8lr 2 and the homestucks have come 8ack to life, we might 8e a8le to force hussie to release the epilogue

Top of the mornin to ya laddies! It's me, Jacksepticeye! Just kidding its still Mark haha (not physically Mark legally obligated to say this)

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