@hacknorris then you can consider adding "python" or "javascript" as repo topics for those who do code in those languages to discover. We just noticed that we have a real lot of awesome Rust projects on Codeberg, will check other languages later.

@codeberg ah, ok. have few templates and funni srcipts :'D

@codeberg anyways - isnt sometimes it shown which lang its witten mostly?


@hacknorris Yes, it would be nice if we could filter by the auto-detected language, which is known for all projects, without having to rely on topics (which may or may not be added by the authors). I think that may be an improvement idea for Giitea. @codeberg

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@cosminh codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit is the issue, but no community member apparently checked if it was already reported upstream to Gitea. @hacknorris

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