I want to be able to use my with as a daily driver, and one app that I was missing from my Android was a shopping list.
I didn't find one, so I started making one with and in .
I'm new to all these technologies but I'm having fun learning. If anyone is interested, here's the source:
It's work in progress and doesn't do much yet.

I was following a tutorial, when all of a sudden...

This is how the limit of patience looks like.

I re-discovered an old adventure . It's now and I can play it in . "Seymour Goes to Hollywood" reminds me of "Dizzy" and I can't believe there can be so much fun in half a megabyte.

My new with GNU/Linux just arrived, and I can't wait to get it running! Danke, @tuxedocomputers !

I just bought 2 identical lightbulbs, with the same specifications, but one has energy efficiency rating F and the other has A+. This is confusing.

> Should Stendhal be updated?

You bet!
Looking forward to the new version and celebrating this year's Mine Town Revival Weeks 🎮


Mine Town Revival Weeks are here!
Join the party, have a drink or something to eat. Play a game or two! Or just hang out to chat. Whatever you do, have fun.


I met a cat with a question-mark-shaped tail in the park this .

I won this week's Table Topics contest at my local club and got a cookie as a prize!

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