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Would teaching efficiency help us rely less on mega-infrastructure from ?

There are so many bloated frameworks, ubiquitous scripts, poorly architected databases, unoptimized graphics, never-expiring surveillance and more in our current methods.

Does this "force" website/app makers to use complex hosting scenarios from AWS, Azure etc when we could use smaller or self hosting?

Maybe it's time to start counting bytes again to help save the Internet?

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@matiaslavik The same with me, I "use" it but didn't have any contacts so far. 😀

I like listening to Hernán Cattáneo's "Resident" while driving. It keeps me focused while not being too aggressive.

I used to download the shows and play them from an USB stick, but now I just thought of using a app and listen directly form my phone. AntennaPod from F-Droid seems do be doing a good job.

1. elements of a set are unique so duplicates are ignored
2. the order of set elements doesn't matter

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@abbienormal The only package I would install would be openjdk-11-jdk (or 8, 13 or 14). Then I'd get my favourite IDE directly from their website. For the JDBC part, I'd get the connector jar with Maven / Gradle / ...

For me this was the case every year: The hat still appeared in the login screen, but disappeared on the first login. So yes, it was only valid during the session when meeting Santa.

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Well, he said (at point 5) there won't be any ads in chats, only in one-to-many channels. So it's not *that* bad, I guess.

Agree with the XMPP part, though.

Pourriez-vous recommander un site avec des comme méli-mots, sans publicité?

My domain registrar wouldn't let me add a TXT record named "_xmpp-client" because their UI didn't like the minus in the name. So I made one with a different name, copied the request from the Firefox Web Console then I sent what I wanted with .

Halloween == Christmas because Oct 31 == Dec 25

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Bilan #MécénatCodeLutin 2020

+ 4520 € @peertube
+ 2880 € @fdroidorg
+ 2000 € @yunohost
+ 600 € @42l
= 10000 € d'aide ponctuelle

+ 6300 € de financement récurrent pour 26 projets via @Liberapay

Ça équivaut à 1% de notre chiffre d'affaires, 2,7% de nos bénéfices

Depuis sa création, Code Lutin a investit plus de 65000 € pour soutenir le #Libre

1% seulement : beaucoup d'entreprises le peuvent ! Organisez le financement du #Libre dans votre entreprise ! Essaimons ! ✊🐧🧡

I never tried it, but it is available for installation in the /e/ application store. Maybe you could try to flash /e/ on a supported Android device to free it from Google.

I just bought 2 identical lightbulbs, with the same specifications, but one has energy efficiency rating F and the other has A+. This is confusing.

That sounds great! But unfortunately the project's page says it is unmaintained. Perhaps someone will pick it up though.

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