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racism in the lgbt community 

whoever disagrees with the brown and black stripes added on the pride flag is a fucking racist. i just don't see how any argument against this change is valid, we're talking about poc in the lgbt community feeling included and represented and happy & actually addressing the deep racism many of you want to deny. These are real issues ppl. And some ppl think it's ugly or that the colours don't fit but can u please get your heads out ur asses ?? thanks

update: my left boob hurts I think I'm dying

how do i tell someone to fuck off without hurting their feelings

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honestly when will that fascist website flop im tired of those people

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guys don't even open twitter now. people are victim blaming the woman casey affleck assaulted just to defend ben affleck supporting his rapist brother.

tw/ dying for vodka 

i want some vodka

guys if tooter flops dont let twitter know. i dont wanna look like an idiot

remember when i lost so much weight and ppl were like "damn, what's your secret" lmao depression, susan

i cant believe all cheerleaders die gave me that happy ending i deserved

movies about f/f relationships should have trigger warnings for sad ending

goth lesbian used magic to resurrect her crush wig

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