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Everytime you mention "Twitter" you owe me a fucking dollar.

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Art sold will fund a nice gift for my bf for our one year.

Donations to my ko-fi [ ] go to us moving out of my mom's house.

I just got my old job back and money is still a bit rough but it will get better!! 👌

👌🏼Hey everyone I'm moving general instances to @dee

So follow me on that if we're mutuals 💕

instead of "checking out a new instance" how about you "check out my ass"

just gave my name in starbucks as "we're starting a union" and when the barista called it out all the workers got fired

oh woops the switch on the orb was set from "harmony" to "discord" that explains it folks I'll remedy this right away

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What the fuck are y'all on about some Pervy Phantom

Hey everyone that writes Vegebul, love you and all. But you can't just have Vegeta sex up Bulma "As hard as he can" unless you want your chapter to end with Bulma exploding into a cloud of blood.

dammit i want some mcdonalds garbage for breakfast. put that breakfast trash right into my face. i'm a raccoon and i wanna eat out of the dumpster

ME: *a scared baby bird and gods greatest coward* the best time to listen to scary story podcasts is literally minutes before I close my eyes and enter a dreamrealm whose very substance is drawn from my fears and anxieties

now the new neighbors wanna call the cops on me because I'm using a weird combination of black magic and illegal science to resurrect the dead. well if you didn't want to deal with city life maybe you should have stayed in the suburbs JEFF
Is my other Mastodon account for Pokemon stuffs c:

@count me, waking up the morning after drunk buying 25 loot boxes on Saturday night and failing to get the skin or money to buy it*

At least I didn’t lose this money to gambling

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