Anyone still playing Pokémon Go? I need more friends to play with. Add me! Trainer code 7839 4561 0480

What good music are you listening to lately? I keep getting weird songs stuck in my head and would love some new tunes to drown them out.

Be my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp friend!
We’ll barbecue together; we’ll point at things together; we’ll avoid eating very old gummy bears together.

California weather has ruined me. RUINED. I do not like this fake winter nonsense back home.

There may be no better way to wake up than to the smell of bacon cooked by people who love you, after you’ve gotten enough sleep.

What Mastodon phone app is everyone using? Right now I’m on Tootdon. So far, so good!

I really wish I had had enough foresight to avoid having “No Limit” stuck in my head these last few hours.

I’m not sure how I could’ve avoided it since it seems to have bubbled up from my extensive internal music catalog on its own. But I WISH.

Also! Please meet my corgi, Sgt. Tibbs. We were Amy Santiago and Cheddar — along with @greenclock as Jake Peralta — for Halloween. Nine NINE!

#brooklyn99 #SgtTibbs #corgi


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