I need a shower and some rest. I jacked up the heat in my hotel room earlier, so it'll be nice and roasty toasty for me when I get back.

Your reminder the mask goes OVER your nose.

I've worn a mask for twelve straight hours and the areas behind my ears are so sore from it.

Checking into the hotel room was a hassle. Had to switch rooms and the girl running the front desk is new and didn't have override permissions and had to play phone tag with her manager to get said permissions. I felt so bad for her.

Man, if covid wasn't a thing I'd go to Dave and Buster's and play arcade games. Trade my points for pokemon cards. I'm an adult.

I'm so tired. Can't wait to check into my hotel.

Dissapointed in how much stuff is open here with covid running rampent compared to where I live. Makes me more thankful I live in the state that I do.

Of course I'll be one of the last ones off this thing as I'm in the fourth row from the very back.

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My plane just landed. Glad to be back on land again!!

The airport is a ghost town and I can't check my bag in until four hours before my flight, so I'm stuck hanging out up front with the baggage lady staring at me like I'm sus.

Hopefully I'm kept entertained with my switch, 3ds, and some books for several hours.

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My flight may not leave until six in the morning, but I'll begin my two hour drive to the airport in a couple of hours as I hate driving in the dark.

Still stressed and anxious for the trip and I didn't sleep well at all last night.

It's wayyyyy too bright out with last night's snow melting.

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