@Gargron Specifically, I want to know how mastodon fetches content from a URL. Where is this documented?

My pages are working fine for facebook and twitter (respecting my "summary_large_image" option for the "twitter:card"), but mastodon doesn't fetch and display the image as a `summary_full_image` unless I manually upload it as an attachment.

How can I tell tootsuite on my site's side that it should display the image as a full image when the link is posted on mastodon?

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@Gargron Is there a stack exchange or similar for tootsuite?

I have a question about mastodon that's not covered in the documentation.

Where do I ask my question in a space so others can find it if they have the same question in the future?

Bad news from last 3-days. Our second-degree polynomial curve fit shot up to predicting a 7-fold increase to 14-million worldwide cases by May 14th.

The 30-day trend only triples the number of cases to 6-million.



Today's 30-day curve fit estimates we'll triple to 6 million cases by May 12. The 3-day and 7-day fits suggest the effectiveness of the lockdowns


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