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JRR Tolkien's full name was Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien

themoreyouknow.gif is reading Girl With All The Gifts right now. Loved that book! how do i get in on the next ?

any post that starts "Am I the only one who" πŸ™„

no. you're not. get over yourself πŸ˜ πŸ‘Ž

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mastodon is based on free software

we have a bit different terminology here than on twitter

on here, they're not "nudes" they're "GNU/des"

evolution of text editors:

vimim -- vim improved
vim -- vi improved
vi -- v improved
v -- very-basic-please-improve

sometimes when I'm drinking from an aluminum can my mustache hair gets caught in the pull tab and it hurts real bad 😭

i keep borrowing _Study In Emerald_ from the library, but it's one of those "Read In Browser Only" digital titles so I keep forgetting about it and it keeps expiring.

just let me download the damn ebook!

my office puts out free empanadas on Fridays and nobody likes the veggie ones but the "animal" ones go super fast, and I get to just leisurely enjoy the remaining ones throughout the morning.


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one thing i often have to do when picking up a new `.epub` is to delete the book's custom stylesheets.

I have preferred personal stylesheets per device (desktop vs. kindle e.g.) and each book setting it's own hyperlink colors, e.g., makes stuff ugly at best, unreadable at worst.

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