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JRR Tolkien's full name was Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien

themoreyouknow.gif you better dang old do a dern phlog! is reading Girl With All The Gifts right now. Loved that book! how do i get in on the next ?

any post that starts "Am I the only one who" πŸ™„

no. you're not. get over yourself πŸ˜ πŸ‘Ž

@vantablack Activity Pub is legit a great name for a bar. You know, one with darts and shuffleboard

@sirshannon stuff is surprisingly hard to kill! i have left mine unattended for a couple months at a time, but it always springs back.

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mastodon is based on free software

we have a bit different terminology here than on twitter

on here, they're not "nudes" they're "GNU/des"

evolution of text editors:

vimim -- vim improved
vim -- vi improved
vi -- v improved
v -- very-basic-please-improve

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