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another benefit for joining each instance: access (behind a login) to that instance's local timeline. in case I haven't actually followed every tooter on that instance from my "main account" I can still see what that community is up to.

I guess the main thing I want to do is join all these little niche instances to show support/involvement.
but then continue to use just one account to participate cross-instance.

one problem with mastodon is that each time a community/interest of mine starts their own instance, I feel compelled to create Yet Another login.
I don't know how to leverage the federation from a single instance.

bonan tagon, mi estas tro-multe-da-kafo viro. ☕️☕️☕️ 🏃💨

Mi demandas ĉu piratoj parolus esperanton. Estus tre utila por internacia komerco.

Feliĉa Internacia Parolu Pirate Tago al ĉiuj pirrrrrata esperrrrrrrantistoj.

mi estus aliĝi sed ĝia ĉifrado rompas. malĝoja!

remote following on mastadon: is it is or is it ain't a thing?


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