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Kaito @cphuntington97

@Gargron if anything, it belongs more with the icons above than the compose area below

I'm pretty sure? there's something wrong with the dvd player I just bought, but if the replacement is just as noisy, I'm going to feel like a huge jerk.

I understand these things are made to slim margins, but I don't want to maintain a media pc nor do I want to spend $400 on the OPPO.

the very long and slow process of divesting Windows

DVD player is noisy so now I'm getting an infrared repeater so I can put it in the other room.

Honestly people just build a media pc.

But at this point I'm so far down the rabbit hole that giving now would be admitting defeat...

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@cphuntington97 I highly suggest uninstalling facebook apps to everyone lol

@masklayer I'm impressed with the shield tv for the design and details like being able to dim or turn off the LED.

This tells me that the management team is either listening to the designers and engineers, or they are insightful themselves.

My phone really only needs communications, podcasts & audiobooks for while I'm driving, and that's it. It's nice to have a camera and audio recorder in my pocket too.

I've already uninstalled facebook from my phone and it has genuinely improved my life.

@masklayer shield tablet k1 looks really nice actually

@masklayer so that I don't have instagram on my phone. Because I do like to look at it -- I just don't need it available to me all the time, everywhere.

And yes this is a self control/addiction issue.

I'm thinking of getting one of the new cheap ipads to replace my phone as an "around the house social media device"

I'm trying to make my phone into more of a dumb phone, because it is addictive and I don't like being buried in it all the time.

Also, the websites for some social media platforms either suck (instagram) or don't exist (snapchat).

@sikkdays speaking of which, now that the sun is out, I'm remembering how many evenings I would bike to the waterfront and read comics while drinking soylent for dinner.

No wonder I've been gaining weight stuck inside all winter!

Since my next composition will (hopefully) be the first one recorded on open source software, I feel like it should somehow have an open source theme.

I'd also like to feature saxophone since I've never used mine on a recording.


The Forces Driving Middle-Aged White People's 'Deaths Of Despair'

"we think of this as people, either quickly with a gun or slowly with drugs and alcohol, are killing themselves. Under that body count there's a lot of social dysfunction that we think ultimately we may be able to pin to poor job prospects over the life course."


@Gargron Bloody Moodle sounds like a Harry Potter character

@masklayer that was supposed to be an ephemeral instance address

it was supposed to be a joke...



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@cphuntington97 ephemeral mastodon instances

@masklayer I'm holding out for Snapstodon


I still get netflix dvds by mail because many titles are not available on the streaming service (or at all, really.)

Anyway, today I bought a dvd player, relieving my desktop computer of the last vestiges of media duties.

This means I'm free to transition to linux as soon as I finish this one last tune on my proprietary DAW.