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Turns out the reason no boys came to the yard was that the milkshake's attraction field was too intense. For miles around, boys were pinned to the walls closest to the milkshake, unable to move let alone reach doors and visit the yard.

Luckily, we were able to power down the milkshake before any serious injuries were sustained. All further milkshake tests will proceed in flat open areas, like salt flats or the lunar surface.

Eco therapy riding my bike yesterday on the Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Ohio.


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@masklayer do you think the caffeine could be interrupting your sleep?

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Poem over. If you wonder why I @ mentioned you, it was because I was trying to write a poem. It was supposed to be a short burst of love for all you people in my head. I wish it were more poetic, but hopefully it contained at least a tiny bit of love. If it annoyed you, it was to someone imaginary, so please ignore/forgive :-)

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Jacob Collier's live show is absolutely incredible. Hear him if you can! bandsintown.com/JacobCollier

@andybalaam aww thanks, taht's so kind of you to say

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@masklayer could be worse; you could have majored in music

@LogicalDash The discontinuity of consciousness is disconcerting. It's as if you die every night and a clone wakes up the next day with your memories implanted. Also you're defenseless and vulnerably while asleep.

@sanspoint steel strings, if anyone asks. but it's appropriate for the era

@sanspoint oh wow, this repertoire is a lot more modern than Opera Atelier

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