these are shots from a museum opening up in Pennsylvania in 2021.

@Austin_Dern yeah! I know a lot of these places are like partially tax write-offs to store a collection, but it's lovely to have something new to look forward to, especial after the ReplaxFX news

@cpi Yeah, just so.

There's a guy in Michigan who keeps his mostly 80s-90s collection as a working arcade 'museum' in a bowling alley and I *so* hope that it survives all this. Alley and 'museum'.

@Austin_Dern whatever it takes for public pinball to survive!

@cpi Gads yes. I remember living in Singapore in the early 2000s, when I knew of one location pinball in the whole country. It was 50 minutes away by subway. It was S$1.00 (about US $0.65) per play. And it was Striker Xtreme.

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