Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. May the spark ignited by the students strengthen the country's secularism.

Don't believe the cops. The delhi cops too said they didn't shoot. It is clear that the Delhi cops have fired, Aligharh cops have fired, Karnataka cops have fired. The cops have either been instructed to kill or they are doing it because of personal biases they have.

This is so violent and breaks my heard. There is a video too of this kid running scarded and I can't post it. Small kids are being beaten by the Police. Police are doing their duties without wearing their badges. I even saw a video where few Indians are cheering the police action. India is a deeply divided country but even as a Hindi, I refuse to stand up for this fascist govt.
We need to support our Muslim brothers/sisters regardless of our own religion. In the name of humanity support them.

This is what you get when you have Billa & Ranga as the PM & HM.
A plainclothes officer claiming to be from “intelligence” grilled the elderly parents of a Jawaharlal Nehru University student in south Kashmir and told them a “bullet doesn’t ask for an address”

The current Home Minister of India, responsible for internal security.

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Watch | "They entered our hostels... Is this democracy? What wrong did we do? We were simply protesting": Student recounts police crackdown at university yesterday.

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Filed a Special Procedures report with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva about Delhi Police brutality against Jamia students.

The Modi govt. needs to be held accountable in the international community for the brutality unleashed against unarmed students.

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सुनिए मोदी जी,

कहाँ पहुँचा दिया है देश को?

देश के युवा के भविष्य को किस आग की भट्टी में झुलसा रहे हैं आप?

देश की इस बेटी की बात सुनिए और सोचिए,
“मैं अनुज्ञा हूँ, मैं तो मुस्लिम भी नही हूँ”

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The UP police firing against AMU students who were protesting against the police brutality in Delhi.

The fascist govt is targetting the students because only they have the courage to stand up against fascism. Rest of India, the majority has submitted just like the Nazis of Germany.

The tweet by Barkha Trehan has been deleted now, but it gives a glimpse of the majoritarion sentiments in India.

The defining image of the Delhi Police brutality on the students protesting against the Citizen Amendment Act.

Gandhi & Ambedkar lives amongst our students. Proud of JNU, Jamia Islamia & DU.
This HAS to be the most endearing, spirited and iconic moment of the protest these fearless students are holding in front of the DelhiPolice HQ at ITO right now.

The brave girls of Jamia who protected their male colleague/classmate from being taken by the Delhi Police. Just look at the sickening brutality of the Delhi police. BTW the girl who is seen falling down towards the end was in Hospital. Just hope she is fine.

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