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If anyone reading this can donate what you can to pay rent and keep my home while I fight to get my disable benefits back on track I will be grateful.

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Anything you can contribute will help on me meeting rent while these difficult times are prominent.

Tried to take advantage of that "peninsula of power" glitched section but found out I might not be able to get anything from it without a fighter in the group.

Been trying to find any of those contest websites like those I did months ago and hopefully earn any cash prizes or the sort but nowadays the search ends in various spam clickbait sites. I thought those were only prominent whenever you searched for porn back in the day.

Began my all Red Mage group gameplay. Not too bad although they tend to miss quite a lot when doing physical attacks than anything else.

The last day of this damn month and a new one starting tomorrow. Not sure if I will get another notice of late rent plus what I won't be able to cover anew or will be getting eviction notices outright. I never liked birthdays before and this March will be the worst yet.

Started watching being that I kept seeing that witch Megumin any other place online I had visited. So far its amusing and I am sure the laughs will keep on coming as I continue watching.

Was thinking on starting a new game with 4 White Mages as a challenge but after thinking about it, I may do it with 4 Red Mages instead. They cover a bit of everything and might not cost too much to equip in the long run.

Mentality: I can use against anyone because it completely justifies my actions when someone else starts an argument of any type and does not make it wrong.

has proven that can go unchallenged and having free reign, yet it claims their place is a haven for gamers. And yes, I also had been a target of such when such degrading users found out I'm Latino.

A person who considers themselves non-binary can get HIV? 🤔

Rare was not messing around. That "mini game" is pretty brutal.

Dinosaur Planet NEW cutscenes + Kyte's Minigame

Be Kind Rewind was one of the greatest movies from the early 2000s I ever experienced.

So there was a Donkey Kong compilation for the released in '88? Never knew about that. Sure would been nice buying it and not worrying on having to search for each one alone. Guess DK3 was not considered a classic.

A bit disdainful when you see glaring spelling and grammatical errors on old game manuals like this one from Adventure Island.

If Square then truly wanted to send an easier version of IV in the US they would had kept special skills like Cecil's Dark Wave and Rosa's Prayer.

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