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If anyone reading this can donate what you can to pay rent and keep my home while I fight to get my disable benefits back on track I will be grateful.

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Anything you can contribute will help on me meeting rent while these difficult times are prominent.

A weird glitch I came across II on the , when I came back to this town Kain was once again waiting to join the party even when I already had him AND Maria. If you choose to "accept" him once more, he joins and Maria just vanishes.

Piece of crap will not allow me to use my accounts even though they don't seem to be locked down or suspended. Yet another reason Mastodon is superior.

Super Space Fortress Macross released for arcades in 1992 featuring cutscenes and addicting shoot'em up action.

go on stating what times these are where the n word is used against them but have no qualms on being towards other ethnic groups like and Mexicans.

Got to watch yet another iteration of Go Nagai's often exposed heroine although it's not up there with most.

I'm Latino/Hispanic and October is our Heritage month. If blacks have a problem with it they can wait till January.

Found out that while act tough and mock any they harass thinking they're untouchable, their little ego gets easily shattered when being confronted about their wrongdoing. Quite petty.

If you are one of those "bronies," I suggest either unfollowing or not announce yourselves to me.

Ugh the new episodes pandered all over that little narcissist turd Lisa.

The worst thing you could ever do online is trying to fit in.

Really this makes me laugh. Making as "safe as possible." They really think people are so gullible.

Why is better than : they don't pull like this and don't force you to use a phone number after their fuck ups.

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