A shame Anita was never introduced as an official fighting character in later games, it would solidify its continuity pretty well and we would have an older version of her who seemingly uses marionettes to fight with. Interesting.

For I play Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, the ultimate collection of Mario games from featuring revamped graphics, able to save at any given time, and the famous Lost Levels unreleased in the USA PLUS World of course.

For I play the bootleg game Magic Girl for Megadrive. Not a bad although the music gets a bit irritating with the overlong stages and the screen gets clustered with countless enemies coming from both sides. The upside having a health bar with lives.

Rod+Land, the story of two fairy princesses braving a monster-filled tower to rescue their mother.

First time I ever finish here, thanks to that annoying section of traps at the beginning of the stage but had a nice run nonetheless.

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