So for those who don't know yet, Freenode had a hostile takeover and the volunteer staff has resigned. Most (if not all staff) have created a new network:

# has moved to There is heavy load, so things like registering or even connecting may take a while. Point your client to, port 6667 (6697 if using TLS).

There is a relay provided for now for both channels, so both the Libera and Freenode channels receive all msgs.

Freenode had a policy change yesterday that channels can't close. A bot is enforcing the policy (and changing ownership!) in channels containing "" in the topic.

In light of this, # is now on Libera only; Freenode channel is now inaccessible.

If you were in the room and got kicked/can't access it anymore, this is why (CLEAR USERS). The room wasn't closed; the mode was set to "+I 1" and someone is camping in it to prevent takeover.

@cr1901 at least i get to watch some good old fashioned irc drama. nostalgic!

@alexisvl Dunno if you're interested, but basically anything retro-tech is discussed in # if you want to join :P (I've been in advertising mode lately, though I've managed to migrate about 70%- 37/50 of the users from Fraudnode).

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