For Today's Diversion, I ported
@neauoire's UXN stack machine VM, written in portable C89, to a 286 :D. And well, it works!

@cr1901 AAAH! amazing <3

Does these old computer have ways to draw pixels on the screen? (other than characters)

@neauoire Yes, I can put the machine into a graphics mode and draw pixels using EGA.

Though EGA programming is optimized for hardware whose functionality is across many discrete chips. So actually drawing a pixel at a specific screen coordinate without accidentally overwriting adjacent pixels is a bit slow/tricky. And I've not done it all that successfully yet :D!

@cr1901 writing a screen device for uxn would be the next step :x

@neauoire Today/tonight (and maybe tomorrow) is a rest day, I'm afraid. I tried to understand "hard technical concept" and it burnt me out lol.

I don't like to think that much :P. Which is complete contradiction w/ wanting to fix long bootstrap chains. Never said I was consistent :D!

@neauoire Ahhh, I see. I am on Libera (fuck Fleenode) and OFTC for now. Maybe I'll stop by espernet tho...

@cr1901 it's cozy :) We were just on freenode a few days ago, but we moved back to our first server

@neauoire I run a channel on Libera called #. Remember the Sega Genesis? Well, it's a channel dedicated to how the Genesis sound chip works, as well as other FM synth family members.

It also is not on topic much lately :P.

@neauoire @natalie No I haven't, but I talk to Natalie frequently- she idles in the room :D!

Small world...

@cr1901 I'm a friend of David Viens who also floats in that world, you might know him.

@neauoire Yea, I know him. He has a cute brown tabby cat :D!

Our circles don't really overlap as much as you'd think tho, I guess b/c PLOGUE is a commercial project and the REing I did- err, do :P- is a bit more of questionable legality:

@cr1901 haha, that's alright, it's cool that you know Natalie.

@cr1901 I'm not really familiar with this whole scene, even retro-computing itself, I wasn't really allowed to use a computer when I was young.


@neauoire The 286 I have is older than I am. I'm more generally interested in the old ISA bus and how (relatively) easy it is to interface to it.

Computing has a curse of dimensionality problem in that "the more bits of state you add, the less of the entire state space you explore".

With older computers, the smaller state space means you can push them more and see their true limits.

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@neauoire Appreciated <3. We seem to have aligned goals :D, even if we have different approaches!

@cr1901 your interpretation is correct, not so much like CollapseOS' "what is most found in landfills"

@neauoire Awesome :D!

Also, I highlighted the part about "the requirement for 44100Hz sound" and wanted clarification (or an exception) on that :P.

@cr1901 Mhmm, the audio device is just expecting notes, like I don't expect the emulator to do everything the same.

There's no audio spec, like there's no screen spec. There has been black&white implementation of the screen device that just makes use of the first nibble of the pixel data.

@neauoire Oh right...

Is there any particular reason that the console streams start at offset 8 in the device instead of 0?

@neauoire Happy to see that you're willing to break your own 64kB addr space guideline for the sake of framebuffers :D!

(Honestly, framebuffers are one place where I relax my rule of conserve address space. I like linear framebuffers :P.)

@cr1901 the uxn screen device is sort of designed to be write and forget, there will never be a way to read from the screen device, so if a device can not store the pixels and just send updates to the screen, it will work.

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