Is it possible to enable desktop notifications on "Home"? .social

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take me down to parallel city where the lines are straight and stretch to infinity

Ugh. Getting systemd/Timers to work was like pulling teeth.

In Firefox 64 I can now select multiple tabs to move to a New Window but what I really want is to move them to existing windows or windows in different profiles.

Fucking head cold. Fucking annoying people. Fucking depressed.

*eyeroll* Firefox adds a price tracker to Test Pilot that just makes people consume more crap.

Power nap, check. I think today will be littered with sub 15 minute naps to keep me awake until a reasonable time. Tomorrow I have more heavy lifting to do that I'm not looking forward to.

Wishing I could browse by recent or activity and follow them on in my Home feed and/or one dedicated column. Pinning gets bloated. seems to have a much higher signal-to-noise ratio because I can follow of interest in my Public feed and easily find people with common interests to follow.

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