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I'm on the look out for short-term coding gigs!

- 10+ years of experience programming games on PC, mobile and console
- I've worked in Unity and C++ custom engines
- DM me if interested

Also, all their monetisation is based on enabling people to do things that break the app's social contract: matching with people who didn't like them, seeing people who liked them before they've reciprocated, etc.

Paying for these Tinder features is paying to out yourself as sketchy. Which I suppose helps ensure that those people keep paying

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God Tinder plays such transparent tricks to make it seem like they have more profiles.

Why hello person that I've rejected already. Why hello person several years under my age limit. Why hello person on the other side of the world.

all you ppl who keep complaining that Brazilian electric showers have no grounding—there you go, grounded. happy now? we can do things by the book too

Both of the Aphex Twins have a specific role: The first Aphex Twin makes albums. The second twin collects synthesizers. The third twin prevents the first from touching the synthesizers, and the fourth deletes the albums.

Just found out that Aphex Twin, famous owner of the biggest synthesizer collection in Cornwall, also makes music

i complain that the two wolves meme won't stop but this is my longest running post on tumblr and it never stops

💗☘️🐍❤️🐍☘️💕☘️🐍❣️ commemorating the day when Saint Valentine seduced all the snakes out of Ireland

Also, sewers are far roomier and more ornate in videogames than they are in real life, so for a videogame developer, designing a sewer that they know they could never afford to live in is a kind of fantasy wish fulfilment thing.

Anyway Cloud, Tifa and Aerith have just been dropped from Wall Market into the sewer below by the villain Don Corneo, and this is the first time I've ever felt relief at entering the sewer level.

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It's because videogame developers mostly live in sewers, and experience them differently to us. See, real sewers are a lot more interesting because the smells weave a rich tapestry that tells you a lot about the inhabitants of the world above, their health and diet and socioeconomic class - when a videogame designer makes a lengthy and repetitive sewer level, they figure you're imagining the smells and want, as they do, to explore.

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the fact that the ATX standard has 12V is really handy in that it makes it easy to replace the PC Speaker in your computer with a real actual car horn

MOTION TO THE INTERNATIONAL SHADOW JAVA COMMITTEE (which meets in a dark, smoke-filled yet also extremely ultramodern Swiss ski chalet / cat cafe)

GIVEN THAT: The new hot but actually old thing for the kids in programming is "promises"

THEREFORE: To capitalize on all the excitement about "promises", Committee should consider renaming "exceptions" to "betrayals"

oh wow that was a fun slide splash wow how did a shark tank get into a ski chalet

I think my presentation went pretty well

I'm finding it very insulting to get e-mails about a finished game for sale on Steam to the effect of, "It's your lucky day, I'm willing to take over your abandoned game"

Um what? This is not an open source project for you to fork

At this point I think I'll take a sewer level ahead of another cyan circuitry-covered geometric precursor vault

@mhoye @darius Years back a friend had this idea of a space station builder game where eventually there's always some station-wide disaster (AI rampage, viral outbreak, genetic experiments go awry, etc) at which point you assume control of one of the survivors and you're playing System Shock.

The pitch doc for Bioshock was surprisingly sloppy. It says things like this without elaboration:

"Bioshock allows players to face one another in Story Based Deathmatch"

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