i like to think of myself as a real reply guy's reply guy. someone who puts in the work and respects the craft

Holy shit Subnautica speedrunning is memory intensive. Half an hour packed with spawn locations and crafting recipes.

"A lot of the walls here are just advice so we're gonna swim straight through them"

I'm watching a Subnautica speedrun...

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The favourite activity of keas is untying knots.

The second favourite activity of keas is untying things that aren't knots.

Going to Armageddon Expo tomorrow in Wellington? Drop by booth 44, say hi and come play my latest!

We are literally going to get our first ever image of Sagittarius A* (the supermassive black hole at the center of the milky way) tomorrow and I'm so fucking excited to see that blurry image omg

Guess what, if you’re running low on disk space, Windows 10 will go off and start compressing files without asking. (Instead of say, deleting gigs of ancient windows updates)

Trip report, 2 hours in: feeling full and sleepy

(And by one of those almond milks, I mean basically any almond milk)

Craig’s myriad food crimes, #372:
I was making a packet of chicken curry pasta and the only milk I had was one of those almond milks that are 10% almonds and 90% food technological mystery. Now the whole kitchen smells like burning vinyl and it’s steadfastly refusing to thicken.

The tagline on this bag of Sour Mix lollies is "Teach your taste buds a lesson" and it's giving me unjustifiable apprehension

Bob Seger - Old Time Rock & Roll (psytrance remix)

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