Who has the weirder career arc?

A UK rockstar after growing up playing nothing but blues, idolising bluesmen, somehow finding themselves in the '70s playing glam, dressing glam and being synonymous with glam rock.

John Romero, who was designing facebook games at one point.

this reminds me of literally every lunch break during my music GCSE and i fucking hate it youtube.com/watch?v=8nSH29unhR

Can't-fail startup idea of the day: International Phonetic NATO Alphabet

I still remember that MoveOn.org started with the Clinton impeachment as an e-movement called 'Censure And Move On', which sounded in 1998 exactly as laughably grimy as it would in 2019 as a response to MeToo, which was essentially what it was.

"Yes, Our Guy Did Something Bad And Lied And We're Sorry He Was Found Out, We'd Really Like You To Just Ignore It And... Moooove On. Nothing To See Here. Ignore And Keep Going."

It was a bad slogan and it annoys me it's still used. MOOVE ON. DOT ORG.

The self-employed credo:
Boss makes a dime
I make a dime
That's why I shit
At no point whatsoever

a friend with zero experience with gamedev sent me a timelapse of one of the CDPR devs ageing about 30 years in 5 and i just sat there like "yeah what the fuck did you THINK crunch does to a person?"

Went for a stroll along the seaside and this aloe-like succulent creeper was growing rampantly over the rocks. Wonder what it is?

the original dark crystal is on my list of media which manages to feel rich and complex while still having binary good and evil and biologically essentialized characters. one of my concerns, i supposed in continuing the franchise is that these elements are dealt with responsibly.

The winner of Unknown Pleasures this week is, even though the other games were really great, so fucking good. Just so so lovely that even writing about it made me cry a little bit and I don't even know why. rockpapershotgun.com/2019/08/3

To some extent, I feel like Hypnospace Outlaw is a fantasy about lower standards. It shows us a world where people are enthusiastically unashamed about their embarrassing art and makes us long to be similarly shameless.

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