Me: shaming somebody for enjoying a steak well-done or a hot dog with ketchup is classist snobbery

Also me: *throws a tantrum every time my wife bites directly into string cheese*

@mogwai_poet Wait, there's people that will complain about others using ketchup on a hotdog??

@mogwai_poet @rainwarrior
Next time somebody complains about that, introduce them to Cachorro Quente, the Brazilian hot dog. It's a profoundly anarchist creation topped with peas, corn and ground beef. I didn't like it.

@craigtimpany @rainwarrior There's no ketchup on that, so it would just prove their point!

(Sounds delicious!)


Ah yes, tacos con frankfurter. In white bread. With mustard.

@craigtimpany I've been trying for five minutes to come up with a reply that won't be misinterpreted as a dick joke and I'm pretty sure it's impossible, so I'm forced to concede your point

Video Games Cachorro Quente: The Riff and Jenni reunion podcast

@craigtimpany You may be pleased to hear about their Hamtaro let's-plays!

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