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I am now on @crakila

Follow me there if you already follow me here! :)

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On Telegram?

Add me: Crakila


On Jabber?

Add me:

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Hi, I'm Crakila, but you can call me anytime!

I assume is down or something... No notice on @announce nor via Una's Twitter

REMINDER, I am now on @crakila - Not on .social anymore! :)

Oh and for people that didn't come across, I will re-follow you!

I am now on @crakila

Follow me there if you already follow me here! :)

Was meant to be going to the weekly table quiz (Like I have done every week for the last 2 months) and tonight I am not going.

I'm instead going to Tesco to get a Pot Noodle and a bottle of Coke Zero and gonna be happy about it damnit.

Is there a better way of doing:

::after {
content: url("url");

cause I spent 20 mins getting a image working in FireFox that was wokring fine in Chrome?



fml. My '''''friend''''' has bailed on the table quiz again... fuck sake like. n

Hmm, my picture wont work on Firefox but it will on Chrome...Will need to look into that when I can get a chance.

Hmm... Should I play WoW: Battle for Azeroth when it releases next week?

Like I am already playing FFXIV, OSRS and I don't have a lot of time on my side these days.

Why is that Leap motion headset like $2500?

Crazy money

The fact that I have been using a Xubuntu VM for the last 2 days is really testament on what my next build is going to be.

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