Unity Village Project. We have mountain land with dome
and organic crops.
Open position: Steward required.

For the Unity Village we have a beautiful land option that needs watering, attention, farming,
stewardship and human presence. You will be the physical space holder at the site. We are looking for someone who aligns with the vision for the Unity Village project.

Interested ? Contact telegram.me/sustainablejoy and ask for the PDF with more information

I'll be offline for about a week starting 0:00 tonight. I'll be dry fasting. Here's a spiritual perspective:


July 14th: Inner Guidance and Sense Making Part 1 (Dutch version)

July 15th: Inner Guidance and Sense Making Part 2 (Dutch version)

July 15th: Inner Guidance and Sense Making Part 1 + Part 2 (English version)

Recommended reading/watching June 24th (Dutch and English)

Also thoughts around dealing with the Dutch ME and thoughts around UBI (Universal Basic Income).


context video. analyse van viruswaanzin over optreden van ME tijdens demonstratie zondag: youtube.com/watch?v=R86beYSkAp

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