Recommended reading/watching June 24th (Dutch and English)

Also thoughts around dealing with the Dutch ME and thoughts around UBI (Universal Basic Income).

context video. analyse van viruswaanzin over optreden van ME tijdens demonstratie zondag:

Proof that ME (dutch police) started the riots (The Hague 21-06-2020) or at least is partly to blame for starting the riots.

Hulde aan viruswaanzin. Hulde aan Willem Engel. Maar we kunnen nog beter. Nog meer mensen. Nog meer liefde.
Waarom viruswaanzin een decentrale organisatie structuur nodig heeft en andere interessante videos:

Big stuff happening in the Netherlands. Demonstrations for love and freedom (against lockdown laws and measures) are forbidden. And an upcoming court case to stop the lockdown laws and measures will be on June 25th.

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