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Ludwig, a Code-Free Deep Learning Toolbox by Uber, permet simplificar els processos d'aprenentatge profund i fer-los accessibles a tothom

I’m considering running a 40 Day Redesign group on Telegram. The 40 Day Redesign is a project that you can also do for free by yourself if you want. Check out the link below. Bentinho created something really nice.

Here’s the 40 day redesign program:

I need at least 10 people for this to be worthy of my time. There is no money involved.

Message me if you are in:

A new series on creating and optimizing environments that support your mission. The first part is on Technology:

When you see the whole picture coming together while reading this series you will not be able to unsee it. You will understand the necessity of creating the Unity Village for the benefit of this planet.

Someone stole my laptop. I need a new one. Please steal my content instead and build on top of it.

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@Purism @purism

Any plans to make the i7 core 8565u (or better) available for the Librem13 laptop?

I'm manifesting a new laptop. My laptop was stolen a few months ago by someone who befriended me to create an opportunity to steal it. I went through a tough period afterwards. I'm currently without a laptop. I can do so much more with a laptop again.

Please boost this post.

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Using the issue as an opportunity for innovation.

Community management and open social federated platforms like mastodon.

Introducing the concept of ActivityPub / Mastodon moderation repositories.

And a list of visible community management stances for each instance (only those that they want of course).

Your thoughts?

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A free and ethical photo sharing platform.

PixFed is an image sharing platform, an ethical alternative to centralized platforms.

Ad Free

No Ads or Trackers


Timelines in order


A network of millions


Discover popular posts

Photo Filters

Add an optional filter


Coming Soon!

Want to check it out for yourself?

Go to

#pixelfed #pixfed

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A very interesting and clearly laid-out analysis of the power #Facebook and its #libra partners could gain over worldwide monetary policies, and thus, over whole nations. #cryptocurrency #blockchain

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2018 was an amazing year for #OpenBSD (and #BSD) gaming, with loads of game ports and even running Steam and GOG games natively!

Help us make 2019 even better as we turn our sights towards hardware. Starting with controllers. I've included an Amazon wishlist with lots of controllers; I will review any controller sent to me on with a personalized thank you.

For now, PS4/Switch/PC controllers are more interesting than the Xbox One controllers.


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Is anyone using #FreedomBox? I’m just interested to see if it’s popular. I also note that they are planning to bundle #Diaspora* and #Mastodon with it so that you can set up your own pod or instance.

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There is a huge opportunity for #Linux and #FOSS movement to become a mainstream choice for general consumers. #Apple is about to move to ARM CPUs, locking their clients definitively into their consumerism ecosystem ; #Microsoft is selling their own hardware, and also making this very move. A growing portion of the population is getting aware of intentional back-dooring and predatory behaviors of these companies. The emergence of #RISC5 architecture, is a great opportunity redefine the market.

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