Since my state now requires wearing a mask when shopping or at work, I've chosen one that seems fitting.

My attempts at building userland are not going well. With a fresh CVS checkout I get this. (I've also tried most of the commands and options from chapters 31-33 of the NetBSD docs at

A build log at

I'll be taking a break for a little while now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(listener bar for quick interactions at bottom of window, as on iOS).

Next up for this will be adding support for creating files and then work on the glossary browser.

#forth #debugging 

I decided to write a debugging tool. Not done yet, but progress has been good. (Working on this last night, and during lunch break today).

So far I have the disassembler, execution trace, and single stepping working, as well as a minimal nga-in-retro vm for the tracing/single stepper. Now starting on keeping some stats for profiling and the ability to monitor specific memory addresses during traces.

Working on an (n)curses based interface for , modeled after the original interface from when I took over development about 17 years ago.

Screencap of interacting w/Gopherdon from within (using the interface for ). This should also work on the unix & macOS versions of once I release .

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I’m adding font options to the iOS client. Any specific requests on ones people would like to see supported?

Ok, so I've added support for smaller fonts, and some notes in the settings to make the wrapping/cutoff issue more explicit. I'll also update the starting page / docs to make this clearer as well. The wrapping mode works, but does distort whitespace.

I've also relocated the History view to the bottom toolbar and put in a proper Back button.

These changes won't be out until after the 27th though, due to the holiday shutdown.

Finished with that. Now we'll see if Apple approves this for inclusion in the Mac App Store.

(Since Mac isn't a walled garden, it'll be available apart from this as well.)

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I have a minimally viable client in working. Allows browsing indexes & text files.

Now to clean up the code, document it, and make the couple of small changes needed for use on the Unix terminal environment.

Well this has gone smoothly. The input bugs are fixed, floating point is working, file I/O (within the app sandbox) works, and I've got gopher support in place. Also a dark color scheme to closer match the iOS UI.

A test build is at or gopher:// (try gopher:// if your client doesn't support RFC4266 URI's).

I decided that it's probably time to actually finish the UI for Retro. This is intended to be similar to the iOS UI (dual panes, editor/output).

I find the macOS UI frameworks to be a bit tricky compared with UIKit, but that's probably just a lack of experience with them.

Anyway, it's minimally functional: I have it running the basic image, with a functional editor. Lots todo, but I'm happy w/today's progress on this.

I've successfully integreted the new glossary into for . Also added a few more floating point words to bring it back in sync with the functionality from the Unix interface.

I also made some headway on the interface to the glossary data.

That'll wrap up today's programming efforts. Time to take a break from this and burn a few hours reading before bed.

Well the essentials are done in my little text editor. I can open, navigate, and edit a file w/o problems. It'll need some more cleanup & refactoring of a few areas, but it's working just fine.

Some progress on the new documentation tool. I have the words in a tab separated value file, and a small program to lookup words in this. Now to work on the documentation editor...

I wrote a few small apps for my personal use today.

First, a wrapper for the web interface, since I didn't like any of the native iPad apps for Mastodon as much as the web UI.

Second, a complete rewrite of the virtual keyboard I use on the iPad. It's a lot faster now, and has some things I wasn't sure how to do when I first wrote it a couple of months ago. I'm much more pleased with this one.


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