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Chuck Moore has gone on record saying, "Too many people like to play games with their compilers, and don't spend enough time writing applications." He's right. Writing your own Forth interpreter is a nice goal to achieve for oneself; however, it shouldn't encompass the totality of your Forth coding experience. This is one of the reasons why I researched ascetic programming: to help explain what real-world app dev in Forth should or could be.

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Progress so far: the timeline is now a directory, it's more readable, links are extracted and selectable, better formatting of html into text.

Testing some updates to gopherdon, my mastodon via gopher client.

I should be able to wrap up an update to my ios gopher client this weekend. (I found a few small issues in the latest tests, mostly involving working around the notched display on newer devices. The other bug fixes and support for saving text and images to Files are done).

After 12 years, I'm getting back into OS development with .

Using my standard VM and image, with a few new words to allow access to physical RAM and I/O ports, I now have a functional system with text display, serial, cmos rtc, & ATA drivers in Forth. The keyboard driver is in assembly, the MISC VM is in C. Boots to the listener, also has a block editor.

It's now as functional as the last x86-assembly version (Retro9, 2007), but with most things actually in Forth this time.

Okay friends of port 70, guardians of the gopher, lovers of plaintext and long form content, the process has begun. I am very new to android dev and this is slow going, but enthusiastic to announce start of a new gopher client project for android.

Want to keep things as simple and elegant as possible, but already having tons of cool ideas about functionality.

Stay tuned :)
#gopher #android

Retro 2019.1 is now released.


Binaries are not updated yet. I'll be working on this over the weekend.

Release Notes:

This has numerous small improvements and additions. Of some note: the binaries have been renamed to avoid conflicts with other projects and the internal I/O handling is cleaner and more modular.

It's the new year and public domain is finally advancing again in the US. 1923 works are now public domain and I want to celebrate. I'd like to listen to music from that year and I'm looking for good sources. If anyone is sitting on 1923 music collections or can point me at them, it's legal now, so lets start sharing.

question: is there a commonly used port for gopher+tls?

Looking forward to a couple of shorter work weeks. I'll hopefully be able to get some much needed rest.

In other news, I have obtained an old Kindle Fire, managed to get the Google Play bits, something other than Amazon's clumsy launcher running on it, and a copy of Android Studio on the MacBook, so I can finally get to work on porting/rewriting a few things for Android in 2019.

I finally got around to making some small improvements to my gopher & http servers, reducing memory footprint considerably (it no longer slurps the entire file to memory before sending). This should help a bit with some recent server load problems.

I haven't programmed in Ada since college and some rando post on got me thinking about it. Please, I beg of you... don't let me go down an Ada rabbit hole anytime soon. Repeat back to me: Icelandic, gopher, and cosmic. That needs to be my focus until July

I'm going to wrap up my current small update to my client tonight. Pushing the bigger changes to 2019 as I'm not going to have enough time before the end of the year to complete them.

I really need to find time to finish up my current projects. Late days at work (setting up a new security system and network in the evenings) and an ongoing lack of sleep have really killed my productivity. Hoping 2019 will be better...

I've written a implementation of the assembler I use for my virtual machine, so I can now build a new base image from within Retro. This gets me much closer to being able to self host all but the VM.

Enjoying a quiet morning. It's a little cold (sadly I find myself noticing the cold more each year), but otherwise it's quite nice outside.

I've finally had an opportunity to get my MacBook updated, so I'm now running the latest Xcode again. Also setup Android Studio, so I can finally start learning to do Android development.

Progress on app updates and new projects will still be slow as I'm still having a lot of RSI issues. I have a long list of ideas and todos, but it's hard to get anything done when I can only work for an hour or so before the pain returns.

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