Last week, the Inkscape team had a hackfest in Kiel and returned with a bunch of interesting improvements, some of them so very long overdue :)

Not very excited by the killer approach of , but the "Creating the first collaborative interface design tool" is more intriguing. More than 10 years after experiments of that kind by . Read also how they've been on from what they call "pie-in-the-sky naïveté", to a "more pragmatic approach".

Il y a quelques jours, j'ai découvert le projet OpenStreet Browser, et la carte que j'y ai découvert m'a tellement surprise que j'ai décidé d'en faire un petit article.

Un assureur américain baisse ses prix si le client accepte d’utiliser un bracelet de santé
Ah ça y est, on y vient...

5 réseaux sociaux que les pros devraient explorer -

> Après les scandales Cambridge Analyctica et Alex Jones, les réseaux sociaux traditionnels — comme Facebook ou Twitter — ont mauvaise réputation. À l’heure où Google France a fermé sa page Google+, voici cinq réseaux moins connus qui valent le détour, même quand on est un pro.

#mastodon #pixelfed et @valere

Hier Bruxelles et Anvers sans voiture. Enfin, pour Anvers, c'est presque... C'est qui le maïeur d'Anvers, la ville progressiste, encore?

"I'm sure you're working on some very exciting technical problems over there at AWS [Amazon Web Services], however, I would never consider working for Amazon until you drop your AWS contract with Palantir"
Some engineers are turning down by citing concerns about corporate values.

IG Import is ready! Now to finish federated following 👌
La gueule de Fornieri en 25m de haut pendant des années à Charleroi. Toujours ce même boulechitte de l'Écho avec la glorification gogole de nos élites entrepreneuses - beuh.

Two-Factor & Instagram Import will hopefully ship tomorrow 😁

Hi, I'm the admin of OpenStreetBrowser
If you have any questions, please ask!

The hardest problem in computer science is people actively believing there is no ideology or politics in computer science.

@rick_777 @frankiesaxx @crickxson some of the apps haven't finished their implementations of #ActivityPub yet, and are still federating with Mastodon via #OStatus. I'm hopeful most of them will roll it out by the end of the year (or at the lastest mid-2019). In the meantime, the behaviour of the meta-federation of all the apps remains *very* complicated to explain to newbies ;) Email was probably the same in its first few years (#FidoNet between #BBS prior to the net etc)

L , Typographia Medicea (BML)
"Researching The Origins of Arabic ", a talk by
"The adaptation of manuscript Arabic to movable type imposed compromises on the script, more or less easily detectable, to accommodate the characteristics of the technology.
[...] to understand the reasons for the discontinuity between manuscript practice and the typographic representation of the Arabic script."

Finally, I am slowly moving from the proprioatery #Medium platform to the much more interesting looking #Plume.

Very excited to expand #fediverse content!

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