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Pierre Huyghebaert @crickxson@mastodon.social

more hershey font experimentation, every point in the font is a vector being attracted to the points made with clicks mastodon.social/media/hCzX-pIm

I wrote some comments why last year was an interesting year for alternative social media: nettime.org/Lists-Archives/net and

En écho à l'article d'hier dans @lemonde (miniurl.be/r-1ktv), relisez le reportage de François Corbiau paru ds @Medor_mag #9: Ton sperme, ma bataille. Disponible en librairies medor.coop/fr/magazine/acheter
Interview de l'auteur dans Tendances Première : rtbf.be/auvio/detail_tendances

Finishing the last visuals for an essay about digital curves - here editing the beautiful sketch drawn by @colm mastodon.social/media/848bAc7M

"Calibri is your 13 year old niece who [...] seems to just hang with the rich kids despite being of modest means."
(70K+ posts?... Gosh, are you a bot?)
Unusual selection inside these , some are assez naze, uselessly cruel, but also some quite precisely funny.

OSP will be giving a / workshop @figliege festival on the 1st of February. Sign up to join us and see the rest of the program on figliege.com mastodon.social/media/vYsPNzcd

Colloque organisé les 3 et 4 avril 2018 à l’EnsAD, Paris. 4 axes 1 : projets et outils, édition et droit d’auteur, économie(s) et écologie(s), transmission et enseignement
ensadlab.fr/fr/francais-prepos mastodon.social/media/wlFuP-mx

Les Cahiers n°300, 1979, JLG aux manettes, dans un chapitre à propos de sa tentative de collaborer à une télé révolutionnaire au .


@crickxson I recommend following @publicdomainbooks for great serendipitous (public domain!) images.

Being art teacher is also having student bringing fantastic material, like the geologic postscript plates from pubs.usgs.gov/tm/2006/11A02/


Donor Nicki Michaels wrote, Repost from Brendan Howell
"This is the actual computer that provided hundreds of charts for [...] the Reagans' , who determined the timing of important events in the presidency such as: the take off times for Air Force One for important trips, the timing of all presidential press conferences, the signing of numerous -nuclear treaties with the Soviet Union."

Quick email to enquiries@publicdomainreview.org
As many other art school teachers in Belgium, i'm following your blog with interest. Sometimes with the desire of a repost.
I'm a bit sad to find only closed source projects on your 'Our Other Homes' chapter on your About page... What do you think about integrating also a Mastodon or Diaspora or other free software social network?
Thank you for your consideration,

"This fantastic eye chart [...] was advertised as 'the only chart published that can be used by people of any nationality'."

Reposted from a fb push of publicdomainreview.org/collect


A bit by random, bouncing back to this text from Aymerick Maussoux. How deep is your source? archive.bleu255.com/bleu255.co