"We prefer pocket servers to those in the clouds"
"Networks Of One's Own is a para-nodal periodic publication that is itself collectively written in a network. [...] The series aims to document a set of tools, experiences, ways of working that are diverse in terms of their temporality, granularity and persistence."
The incredibly well documented hybrid publication and manual and executable networksofonesown.constantvzw. is released.

@crickxson @xuv Doesn't work: Safari (Version 10.1.2 (10603.3.8)) can’t open the page “networksofonesown.constantvzw. because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server “networksofonesown.constantvzw.org”.

@hansup @xuv Strange. But no way here to test it with Safari. Maybe a good opportunity for you to test it with a recent Firefox? (I was tempted to add "And to forget Safari forever" but maybe have you good reasons to use it, so i will not :)

@crickxson @xuv It works with Firefox. That's a kind of solution I guess. And, yes let us not go into discussions about browser choice, though. It leads to nowhere. ;)

@hansup @crickxson Same here. 404 not found with Safari Version 12.0 (14606. Weird...

@hansup @crickxson Ha. I stand corrected. The link in the previous toot had a trailing " and because of that it would not work. But now I see the page also in Safari.

@xuv @crickxson yes, you are right, just saw it too. But if I deleted the trailing ", the link still does not work. Probably my older version of Safari.

@xuv @crickxson I retried, if I add 'www': networksofonesown.constantvzw. then I land on that access form for AlternC. Don't know if that is the purpose.

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