(I don't actually collect Pogs, they were sadly before my time.)

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I need to express how deeply, DEEPLY sad I am that "Battle for Azeroth" isn't called "Battle OF Azeroth," because then the acronym would be BofA!

I want to explore the many mysterious uncharted islands of Azeroth and unite the admiralty of Kul Tiras against a greater enemy but instead, I have to work...

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anime character: *does something*
another character: wow i cant believe they did that thing in this way
anime character: thats right i did this thing in that way and have accomplished this

Goodnight, you wonderful people. Elune light your path through the darkness. 🌙

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Trans lesbian culture is having to ask your girlfriend to put your hair into a ponytail because you just never learned how.

Jane Crocker is real, she plays World of Warcraft, worships Elune, "doesn't afraid of anything," and just got a job at IKEA! :B

Not to sound like a neurotypical, but my gf and I have been doing yoga the last few days and it's been making my body feel SO SORE and SO AMAZING.

My gf had a dream that I made a feature-length film entirely using a very heavily modded version of Fallout 4...

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the feeling you are inadequate is 100% false

it doesn't even help you from a psychological pr evolutionary perspective

it's some bulltwang boss thinking

you are valid and beautiful, and your desires need to be considered




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