Hey, can I just say, because capitalist propaganda is so hard to unlearn:

If you have a job, any kind of job at all, I'm so proud of you. This shit is hard. Working, period, is hard.

And if you don't have a job? That doesn't make you lesser than the people who do have one.

We all deserve the same level of respect as human beings. Capitalism fails to uphold what should be a law of human rights.

@crimelesbian I can't really say that I'm anti-capitalism, but I do think we would all do well to tie less of our self-worth to what we do for work.

@crimelesbian Human beings can only be happy if they're usefull to the others. If you don't want to be usefull, that's ok, your problem, but you don't have any right to expect that the others will work for you for free, they're not your slaves.

@crimelesbian if you do crime, good on you, because capitalism requires a mass of unemployment and unemployed people gotta eat too

@crimelesbian amen. This is one of the biggest lies that keeps us from having a proper social safety net - that people without jobs are lazy.

@crimelesbian how we become more effective and productive, and enjoy ourselves more, still a valid question, though...

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