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The issues plaguing birdsite India isn't a bug, it's by design. Their entire business model is dependent upon giving maximum reach for terrible takes on divisive issues and profiting off of the subsequent moral outrage.

Capitalism didn't give you internet. Much of what you see in internet came from volunteer labour of open source projects.

Capitalism gave you paywalls and hundred spam mails a day and sites you can't open because a thousand ads are covering the entire content.

#Janayugom, the South Indian daily newspaper, has migrated all its infrastructure to Free Software, using #Scribus for layout, @Kubuntu as the operating system, and KDE Plasma for the desktop.

"At the moment, however, the government of India seems to be waging a war against the very idea of human rights. The arrests of scores human-rights activists need to be seen in the context of Home Minister Amit Shah’s recent denunciation of human rights in India as different from their Western conception. This shows how this Hindu-nationalist government is on the same page with many radical Islamist nations on its approach to rights frameworks."

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