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The issues plaguing birdsite India isn't a bug, it's by design. Their entire business model is dependent upon giving maximum reach for terrible takes on divisive issues and profiting off of the subsequent moral outrage.

Capitalism didn't give you internet. Much of what you see in internet came from volunteer labour of open source projects.

Capitalism gave you paywalls and hundred spam mails a day and sites you can't open because a thousand ads are covering the entire content.


India's working class is on strike.

10 central Trade Unions & Agriworkers Unions are protesting labour deregulation and anti-farmer(pro-corporate) laws that together strike at the welfare of millions of working households.

Central government has so far refused to budge on the issue and instead resorted to heavily suppress the protests using paramilitary forces.


UP Government has now employed a PR company to push it's narrative on the case.


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Please stop demanding swift laws every time a problem arises, #India legislation is complicated and we end up paying for badly enacted laws for years. If you can demand one thing, DEMAND POLICE REFORM.

Whenever someone from outside US express even a mild criticism of Dem leadership, liberals immediately hits back with variations of 'Shut up..this doesn't concern you'.

Except it absolutely does..!

Even if you discount all the neolib economic and trade f*ckery for a second, based on past records there's no real guarantee that your nation won't be trampled by the American war machine in the next 5 years.. especially true if you're in Africa or Middle East.

They plan to provide ex post facto clearances to the polluters which are operating illegally without clearance and future violations will only carry further reduced monetary penalties.The draft also says that violations can be reported only by the government and the project proponent themselves and not by citizens. They're trying to do away with all public consultation aspects of the mechanism.

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Modi govt is planning massive overhaul of the existing environmental protection laws. As per the draft notification, the scope of existing environmental impact assessment mechanism for industrial projects is to be massively curtailed.

If you have to read one article today, it is long read but fully worth it. Where New Yorker takes Modi & his politics right from Gujarat to Kashmir to the cleaners. International media takes it on as our Media is turning lapdog

@cripplingdepression Throughout the history of class struggles people have witnessed and experienced the oppression by ruling class institutions. The ruling class wants all of us to obey their institutions.

When we rely on their institutions for all our activities and survival we are bound to play by their rules. Marx and Engels envisioned a future where workers self-organize the production at national and international level as association or in other words producers and consumer cooperatives. The means of production should be collectively owned by the producers.

Information is both produced and consumed by all of us. We are both producers and consumers. i.e prosumers of information. Shouldn’t all those who participate then collectively own the means of communication?

We should embrace the Peer to Peer sharing and communication mechanisms to realize the ideals of Communist society. This is also why the capitalists are afraid of peer to peer consumer products as well. BitTorrent peer to peer file sharing protocol jeopardized their Intellectual property regime. That is why they Hollywood hunted down The Pirate Bay

I recommend to watch this video on class perspective in communication medium by Dmytri Kleiner who also authored Telekommunist Manifesto

When we speak about the left needs to reinvent itself, it should do so in all aspects. The left cannot compete on the same centralized model of Capitalists. It’s a losing battle.

#Peer2Peer #Commons #WorkingClass

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Couple of tweets earned a block on Mastodon 😂😠😂
Hey @MastodonProject
calling out brahmanism is not casteism, it's like calling out fascism and nazism.

@Absolutely_Blakely as a fan of brutalism reclaimed by nature im very into the idea of a cybertruck with plants growing out of its cracked surfaces

I stayed away for a day after yesterday’s bitterness and today I realise Comrade Nambiar is restricted from posting. He has been accused of casteism and nationalism both of which he is against. Can the admins looks into this @citrustwee

Casteism reported by Upper caste is a drama because they want to hold on to caste hegemony which is discriminatory and comrade is last person to support nationalism

Kerala time and time again proves an alternative is possible that's inclusive and progressive, all the while resisting the onslaught of fascism that's already shrouding much of India.

#Janayugom, the South Indian daily newspaper, has migrated all its infrastructure to Free Software, using #Scribus for layout, @Kubuntu as the operating system, and KDE Plasma for the desktop.

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