if i filled a sink with mayonnaise would that make it sinko de mayo

this toot is cursed. all who witness it will be driven to madness. please boost.

my mans @Pepsi@radical.town deleted at 1k followers only to straight up make an actual child and then come back? powerful, wholesome content. follow his ass

Anyone who uses the phrase "social experiment" to describe their actions, but is subject to no institutional review board or independent ethical constraints, is presumptively doing something antisocial and seeks to thwart criticism with a pseudoscientific slogan.

I love it when I have perfect focus but I can only use it to think about the metaphysics of Morrowind


Can't go wrong with a John Carpenter marathon:

+ Halloween
+ The Fog
+ The Thing
+ Christine
+ Big Trouble in Little China
+ Prince of Darkness
+ They Live
+ In The Mouth of Madness
+ Village of the Damned
+ Vampire$
+ Ghosts of Mars
+ The Ward

Or Clive Barker:

+ Hellraiser
+ Nightbreed
+ Lord of Illusions
+ Candyman

"Ah you there, cute stranger, could you perhaps show me the way to the trฤsh"

in britain they don't say smartphone, they say intelligent cellphone instead

or incel for short

RPG Wishlist: Night Vale 

I wonder if there is an RPG out there about role playing a mysterious village. I wouldnโ€™t want an RPG about Welcome to Night Vale itself (too much lore to work around), but one in the style of a creepy English village where strange, surreal and comical things happen.

I guess the emphasis is less on combat and more on having an experience, improv acting and using ingenuity to get yourself out of a problem.


these two are the embodiment of "be gay do crimes"

its St Giles Fair baby youknow what that means. its time for the baked bean jungle amusement ride to come tot own

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