how lecherous men be thinkin after a witch rightfully curses them

gender isnt real
clothes dont have gender
hair doesnt have gender
makeup doesnt have gender
fuck gender

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it’s wednesday my dudes


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Después de este intenso día de ataques a refugiados, ONG y periodistas, en estos momentos una manifestación antifascista ocupa la plaza principal de Mitilini, capital de Lesbos.


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In the middle of the night, I sit bolt upright, sweating profusely at the visions that have visited me. I fumble for my phone and pray the electrons I am about to inconvenience may forgive me - but my inspired message must be known! The people must see my words! And in a feverish haze, with fingers trembling from the weight of this momentous import, I tap out

"snouts dot online be having hypered link"

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I recently released a little bee themed base builder/management sim called Hive Time 🐝

On the surface, it's about cute bees living in a zany world. At a slightly deeper level, it's about the delicate and deliberate effort needed to manage/maintain population diversity in a generational community.

If you check it out, I hope you find it interesting ❤️

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bad boys bad boys
whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do
when the boys not good

its weird to think that there hasnt been a big defining meme of 2020 yet. usually by early january we had one for the month, now its febuary and all the memes seem to be so minor and quick that none of them stand out. have memes accelerated too much ???

local ghoul vibe checks general lee oliver while wearing a shirt that is undeniably worse, mojave mo’ problems amiright?

local idiots would b a very cliche band name and i want it

the fact that i am not, in fact, being, in fact, dicked down on new years is, in fact, a fuckin shame

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