im going to be live "tweeting" (honking? trumpetting? what sound do mammoths make.) my reactions to the first episode of The Prisoner, a 1967 short series, cus i was told it would be up my alley

first thoughts; these episodes are fucking LONG.

maybe ive been spoiled by modern television being broken up into 15 minute chunks with the other 15 being pure ads, but 50 minute episodes is a lot right???

this place is so pretty if i got to go here after resigning from a job i would. music STILL slaps seems like it will be a running theme

oops; the mountainsthe mountainsthe mountainsthe mountainsthe mountainsthe mountainsthe mountainsthe mountainsthe mountainsthe mountains

wow this really reminds me of the person who recommended it. kinda painful...

that breakfast looks so good stop shouting omg

helicoptor looks like something straight out fallout, were coptors like that in the 60s

the presence of elderly and children (?) on this island has some disturbing implications if this is where they hold govt prisoners. not sure yet specifics

please dont romance the maid please dont romance the maid please dont romance the maid please dont romance the maid please dont romance the maid

""all bald men look alike"" but actually literal. all bald men are the same person. they are all one

you have met mr clean in your lifetime

just noticed the bag guys are on a hi-tech see-saw. i like retro-futurism because their ideas of what technology would look like are so much funnier than what we got and imagine the future to look like now

CW physical restraint 

*jaunty lil xylophone tune plays*

CW physical restraint 

well this dudes friend "died" 2 seconds in. suspicious

im teetering between whether or not this music is emotive and well done, or overused and distracting. its very good but seems too exaggerrated sometimes and makes it hard to focus

"were all pawns here" wonder if theres any actual chess symbolism or if its not that deep

the dudes friend is alive apparently the death was a trick and hes working with the bad guys


realized i dont know any of these peoples names whoops-

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