Yesterday, I found myself pacing the office, upset. I walked by the desks of my usual confidants, and none were around. (Seriously, I went to 5 different desk areas; nobody was there!)

Instead, I played an energetic VR game for 30 minutes. It was quite cathartic. Recommended.

UGC content platforms tend to thrive when their creators are passionate. Being "the place I cross post my content to from my real platform" is an iffy choice: platforms have the cost of hosting without the benefit of passion and community.

The main GDQ stream has a lot of noise in the chat, and no value to me. For a quieter space, I'm hosting the GDQ event on my Twitch channel at, so if you want to watch and chat, you can do so there.

One of my goals for 2018 is to actually cook at home. Nothing fancy, just "Not ordering in". Today, I made brownies and cooked tortellini with marinara sauce. It's not much, but it's a start.

Goal for 2018: Participate in a meaningful way in moving forward municipal broadband in Cambridge, MA.

Approximately 18% of the American workforce is employed by the government. (22.3M people out of about 124M people in the workforce.) That is enormous; it's at least 3 times what I would have guessed.

Working from home today, because the Weather Outside Is Snowful. If you want to see the view out my window at home, check out

Okay. Steam Sale has a few more hours. In the cart I'm checking out now: Poly Bridge, Move or Die, Never Alone, In Between, Pid, Undertale, Rain World, Planet Coaster, and a Steam Link. Anything under $10 that I'm missing? (The Witness is an obvious option that I'm continuing to skip over for now.)

On the plus side, while all multi-tenant computer security is apparently a lie, today Trump disbanded the bullshit Voter Fraud Commission. This is a good thing.

I have to say, the Spectre exploit is a beautiful concept, utterly astonishing in its universal applicability across decades of technology. It is the software equivalent of using a stethoscope to crack a safe. There's no way to fix it but buy a new safe.

Maybe by using Twitter, I'm complicit with supporting our war mongering autocrat.

Using a mobile client to talk to Mastodon feels better than the web UI. I don't really dig the tweetdeck setup, I guess. I wonder if there are better versions of the web app as well.

Maybe by using Twitter, I'm complicit with supporting our war mongering autocrat.

Any new upstart social network will have the feel of "improved quality of discussion" when it starts; it's largely selection bias. The technical capabilities of a platform certainly inform its social structure, but I tend to believe that the overwhelming majority of what causes social unrest is simply the people who use the platform.


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