Yesterday, I found myself pacing the office, upset. I walked by the desks of my usual confidants, and none were around. (Seriously, I went to 5 different desk areas; nobody was there!)

Instead, I played an energetic VR game for 30 minutes. It was quite cathartic. Recommended.

@crschmidt i finally played today, and I had a lot of fun. But I now realize that the way I play Sound Boxing is really intense. This felt like a chill walk!

@gastlichu Haha :) It may help that I have a *large* space, so I can do a lot of moving around (and do); even in a 20x10 room, I kept triggering the "Don't run into things" guards.

@crschmidt Ah, that would definitely be a factor. I stay in place for games like this, maybe if I had more room I’d move more besides a few side steps.

@gastlichu Yup, definitely one of the reasons that I'm not interested in VR-at-home: it would be effectively impossible for me to have an experience consistent with what I enjoy in a Cambridge apartment :)

@crschmidt it’s why I want a 1 bedroom apartment, not necessarily so I can waste the space with a bed in there. ;)

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