@paco @denidimochka@mastodon.art by this standard, I'm not sure YouTube is successful yet ;) (not serious, but there is a huge amount of meets on YouTube)

@gastlichu Yup, definitely one of the reasons that I'm not interested in VR-at-home: it would be effectively impossible for me to have an experience consistent with what I enjoy in a Cambridge apartment :)

@gastlichu Haha :) It may help that I have a *large* space, so I can do a lot of moving around (and do); even in a 20x10 room, I kept triggering the "Don't run into things" guards.

Yesterday, I found myself pacing the office, upset. I walked by the desks of my usual confidants, and none were around. (Seriously, I went to 5 different desk areas; nobody was there!)

Instead, I played an energetic VR game for 30 minutes. It was quite cathartic. Recommended.

@gastlichu They were just boring out of the box brownies! Plus, I cooked them in a ceramic pan, so they didn't come out of the pan in nice brownie shapes. :) Next time!

@tw YouTube is a common favorite in my social circles. If not that: attempted prior restraint of the press via spurious legal threats? Men (just... In general?) How terrible the word "toot" is?

UGC content platforms tend to thrive when their creators are passionate. Being "the place I cross post my content to from my real platform" is an iffy choice: platforms have the cost of hosting without the benefit of passion and community.

The main GDQ stream has a lot of noise in the chat, and no value to me. For a quieter space, I'm hosting the GDQ event on my Twitch channel at twitch.tv/crschmidt, so if you want to watch and chat, you can do so there.

@KS as a first time viewer, I found the techy layout to be in line with what I expect of the event; felt a good match for the content. I don't know what I'm missing, but I don't mind what I have.

One of my goals for 2018 is to actually cook at home. Nothing fancy, just "Not ordering in". Today, I made brownies and cooked tortellini with marinara sauce. It's not much, but it's a start.

Goal for 2018: Participate in a meaningful way in moving forward municipal broadband in Cambridge, MA.

Approximately 18% of the American workforce is employed by the government. (22.3M people out of about 124M people in the workforce.) That is enormous; it's at least 3 times what I would have guessed.

@tw A lot of people have indicated they really enjoyed "Bright", on Netflix.


Working from home today, because the Weather Outside Is Snowful. If you want to see the view out my window at home, check out youtube.com/user/crschmidt/liv. mastodon.social/media/p1ZxNBGb

@synaesthetica Also a good recommendation! Already have it, thankfully :)

@dl (Portal 2, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Talos Principle are all great as well -- I just have them all already :))

@dl I was looking at The Long Dark and wasn't sure if that was going to be a good choice, but if you think it's good: added! Dishonored might not be my style, but for $2.50, I'll take it :)

@abe Antichamber looks good! I already have the other three (and have streamed each of them! :)) but they're good suggestions as well!

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