Now, we have a way to detect if a user has set system-level preferences to use a light or dark colour theme.

The Dark Web Rises:


@switchingsocial @aral thanks, I’ve looked @Matomo but I selfishly want some free. I realise I could host it on a web server but that’s a lot of effort for me.

I get the reasons to not use google analytics which is why I’m asking.

But: there doesn’t appear to be a genuine like-for-like alternative.

And: maybe it’s unrealistic to expect an ethical alternative to be free.

So: how can we expect the masses to make the move away from google analytics?

What’s an ethical alternative for analytics @switchingsocial?

I don’t want to track people. I’m looking for simple stats similar to Mediums stats: views, post reads and referrers.

@aral do you use any analytics or your site or do you trust your content is good enough already?

‪[New blog post] Dat’s the way I like it: how to get a friendly dat:// url. ‬


‪[Updated blog post]‬

‪Added margins and typography to my baseline.css to achieve better browser defaults without going all-in on normalize.css or reset.css‬



How do you find out about blog updates without relying on mailing lists or social networks? Do people still use feeds or is there a new kid on the block?

Another productive train journey. Making progress.


Productive train journey today.

Started website redesign. Serving over the peer-to-peer web using dat://

Taking things back to basics.

Committing to making a better web for the future.

Thanks to @aral for the inspiration.


Right now, things are looking a little basic.

Style Attribute {


Design decisions will be based on a combination of the assumptions I make on what people might want, and the message and flow I want to get across.

I also want to achieving the following goals...


Finally: started to redesign my website which I'm proud to say is now served over dat:// & https://


@ethoslibre We can also use spyware against the grain and against its own interests to reach a mainstream audience with the goal of educating them. It’s a balance and I agree that the goal should be to shift people (& ourselves) away. We can start by making the alternatives the canonical locations for our content and interactions and simply use the centralised silos for amplification (if the algorithms allow, of course.) We must build convenient bridges so others can follow us here.

Loving @aral ’s work


I’m going to finally get around to redesigning my website from the ground up and distribute it over the peer-to-peer web.

[Feedback request] I submitted my first product to Product Hunt and would love to know what people think.

The website is a series of advice and guides on how to reduce your digital data footprint, become anonymous and make more time.

What works and what could be different? Do you get value from it?

noun /dɪˈliːtɪst/
a person who deletes their data in the quest for anonymity, privacy and minimalism: paving the way for ethical decentralised systems.

It's Tooting time in the land of decentralised networks.

I'm Charles. Father. Human. Rebel designer 👨🏻‍🎨👨🏻‍💻 thought leader 💭 @ GOV.UK. Interests: ethics, enviro, privacy & doing less. Save the animals, save the planet! 🐄🌍


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